Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Retirement Tour Part 1: An Exclusive Interview With Marques Jackson

Marques Jackson fought Scott Heston last Saturday, September 24th at the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, MO. The first of the final 3 fights of his MMA career. From wrestling, to football, to MMA. Marques has done it all and just like Frank Sinatra, he did it his way. Starting his MMA career after 30, taking fights on short notice, and fighting guys with much more experience. Jackson never made things easy for himself. Now with his prime behind him and retirement on the horizon, Marques is ready to tackle life outside of the athletic world.

Jackson respects his opponent Heston but believes that he has had an easy road. A road that Jackson was never awarded. “….He’s fought so many tomato cans he could work for Cambell soup, but kudos to him. He is actually going to fight someone real. I told people earlier, I actually have the blueprint on how not to do your Pro MMA career. I had a great amateur record, going into my pro record. People were scare to fight me honestly. My first 3 fights were replacing last minute fights against higher caliber fighters that I wasn’t ready for…”

Unsure in what capacity he will be involved in MMA once he retires, his story is great for up and coming athletes. Proof that taking your time, picking the right fights, and not rushing things is one of the most important parts of a young fighters career. Listen to the interview below and find out what life is like on the road to retirement for Jackson.

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