Saturday, November 27, 2021

Bjorn Rebney Owns Domain Names For ‘MMA Athletes Association’

When it was announced on Monday that former Bellator MMA frontman Bjorn Rebney would join some disgruntled big name UFC fighters for an “industry redefining announcement” on Wednesday, November 30th, the consensus was they were unveiling a fighters’ union. Late Tuesday, Deadspin’s Kevin Draper found the definitive proof: Rebney owns multiple domain names for a “MMA Athletes Association,” and while most are inactive, one,, has a login screen and a logo for the Association.

While most of the domains were registered in October 2015, was registered this past August. According to the WHOIS record for the domain, Rebney registered it using GoDaddy, which charges an extra $7.99 per year for private registration instead of bundling it like some of its competitors (Hover, for example) do. While it’s possible it was an oversight, it’s strange to see the secrecy of an “industry redefining announcement” broken by an inability to spend 67 cents per month.

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