Saturday, November 27, 2021

Tonya Evinger Appeals Invicta Title Loss with Missouri’s Athletic Commission

Less than two weeks ago at Invicta FC 20, Tonya Evinger was defending her Invicta Bantamweight Championship when challenger  Yana Kunitskaya caught her in an armbar from guard. In attempting to defend the submission, Evinger stepped on Kunitskaya’s face as she got up, only for referee Mike England to ask her to move because he said it was an illegal technique — it’s not, and she’s done it before in Invicta against Sarah D’Alelio. In the confusion, Kunitskaya finished the armbar and Evinger tapped out.

On Wednesday, Evinger told Marc Raimondi at MMAFighting that she’s officially appealed the result with the Missouri Office of Athletics at the he Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration (DIFP). The commission couldn’t confirm it to Raimondi because they don’t comment on appeals until they’re complete.

While this type of appeal usually seems like a long shot, Missouri did overturn a past Invicta bantamweight fight’s result due to referee error. At Invicta FC 5 in April of 2013, Miriam Nakamoto initially beat Jessamyn Duke by TKO with a series of knees from the clinch. Upon replay, it was clear that Duke was a downed opponent when the last knee was thrown and the result changed to a no contest. In that case, however, referee John McCarthy copped to his mistake, and it’s not yet known if England will do the same.

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