Friday, January 28, 2022

Conor McGregor Demands Ownership Stake In UFC, Reveals First Baby On The Way

At the official UFC 205 post-fight press conference after the historic UFC debut event in the state of New York at Madison Square Garden last night, UFC’s reigning Featherweight and Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor made a couple of announcements. One of them warrants a well-deserved congratulations and also bleeds into the second announcement, which could become one massive story depending on how things play out.

The UFC mega-star was asked by MMA Junkie’s John Morgan if he would deliver on the only promise left on the table after accomplishing all of the feats, setting all of the records and reaching the never-before-seen prestigious, history-making moments — in trademark “Mystic Mac” form — nearly down to the very last detail in the manner that he said he would.

“The Notorious” one mentioned during some interviews leading into tonight’s historic event that as soon as he’s done making history and breaking records, he would be making a big announcement, rumored to be that he is taking a hiatus from the fight game because he and his longtime better-half, Dee Devlin, are expecting the birth of their first child.

McGregor, who has made a habit of coming through on the predictions he makes as best he can, which outside of one of two fights against Nate Diaz has seen the Irish mega-star deliver with scary accuracy, confirmed the rumor about the couple starting a family together.

The reigning two-division UFC World Champion announced that he and Devlin are expecting the birth of their first child together in March and as a result of soon being the head of his own family mixed with the belief that he is single-handedly one of the main reasons why UFC sold for the $4.2 billion price tag that it did and why their business is at an all-time high on every level, that he needs to have a sit-down with the new owners to talk business.

McGregor noted that other than brief, basic introductions between the new owners and himself, the two sides haven’t really talked business to see where everyone is at right now and where they plan on heading as time goes on. He claimed that with the birth of his first child just a few months away and him staying incredibly busy, committing hours upon hours to prepare to make — and win in impressive fashion — the fights that are starting to break his own records, which were already the large majority of UFC’s all-time records, he feels with celebrities getting ownership stakes in the company, if anyone is deserving in some shares or equity, it’s “The Notorious” 145 and 155 pound top dog in the game today.

With McGregor’s demands or requirements from the UFC increasing as fast and as dramatic as his own status as a special figure in the fight game both present and all-time figure, he needs to have a sit-down with the owners and figure out a way to ensure his soon-to-be immediate family the best life he can provide them, while at the same time feeling good about committing as much time and effort as he claims he has been doing over the past few years.

It’s worth noting that McGregor made mention of feeling more than deserving of some equity / ownership participation in the company he is slowly but surely helping take to unseen levels of success almost single-handedly and regardless of his opponents, on a number of levels. He referenced the fact that celebrities have been buying into the company, quipping that “Conan O’Brien is the owner of the UFC,” before reiterating a few more times that he not only feels entitled to it, but that with the birth of his first child on the way, alluded to it potentially being something he is outright demanding.

Time will tell where the Conor McGregor journey takes us next, but one thing is clearly apparent at this point — wherever he takes us next, it’s guaranteed to be one hell of a ride. Enjoy it while it”s here.

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