Wednesday, December 8, 2021

WWE Posts Vince McMahon’s “Billionaire Strut” Footage With Message To Conor McGregor

On Sunday, WWE tweeted the following video of the originator of the “Billionaire Strut,” WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, doing his rendition of the growing pop culture trend along with a personal message to the UFC mega-star.

The strut recently resurfaced after the Irish champion executed it with style at the historic UFC 205 event at Madison Square Garden earlier this month.

Featured above is the video of “The Notorious” performing the strut years ago when first starting his ascension through the UFC ranks, along with the aforementioned footage that went viral online from the UFC’s debut show at MSG.

In addition to the video of McMahon doing the strut he created for his over-the-top “Mr. McMahon” persona in WWE (see below), which McGregor borrowed and added to his repitoire, a light-hearted message was included that reads as follows:

“[UFC] star [Conor McGregor] adopted billionaire strut is great, but it pales in comparison to that of the genuine article,”

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