Sunday, December 5, 2021

“Korean Superboy” Believes Cub Swanson Loss Will Only Make Him Better

Sometimes, a fighter can learn much more from a loss than he could from a victory.

Dooho Choi believes that is what will happen following his “Fight of the Year” contender bout with Cub Swanson at UFC 206 this past weekend.

The loss was the first for the “Korean Superboy” inside the Octagon, but the war he put on with Swanson left fans wanting to see more of him as soon as possible.

For now, Choi will head back to South Korea and improve his “shortcomings” as he said on Instagram recently.

“I knew I had shortcomings in my game, but hadn’t had the chance to experience them until now. I learned so much last night. At first, I was disappointed in myself, but now I am full of anticipation and confidence that I can become stronger. I will not be defeated again. I will come back stronger than ever. I thank everyone so much for your concern and encouragement.”

Choi is 15-2 overall and ranked just outside the Top-10 at No. 11 in the featherweight division.

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