Saturday, November 27, 2021

After Five Fights in 2016, Jose Ceja Plans to ‘Slow Down A Bit’

Jose Ceja will be competing tonight (Jan. 19) at Combate Americas DIEZ. His opponent will be Joey Ruquet. The two will engage in a featherweight tilt inside El Plaza Condesa in Mexico City.

Ceja has lost three times in his career, but he got his shot at revenge against one of his opponents. While “The Ghost” was submitted by Irwin Rivera back in March 2016, the rematch was a different story. He knocked out Rivera in the first round.

Speaking with, Ceja expressed his joy in getting revenge:

“I had been asking Irwin for a rematch, and he didn’t want to give it to me. But he had some fighters back out on him so he was forced to take the fight with me. It felt amazing. It was definitely payback. It felt great to avenge that loss.”

Ceja was certainly no “Ghost” when it was time to show up and fight. The 145-pound warrior fought five times last year. While Ceja is loyal to Combate Americas, he feels it’s time to take things a little easier.

“You know I’m very happy with Combate Americas. I’m just gonna fight whoever they want me to fight and whenever they want me to fight. I’m signed with them for the next four fights, so whoever they have. I’ve always stayed pretty busy, now I’m actually gonna slow down a bit.”

Ceja said he is aware of Ruquet’s background. While “The Ghost” gave “El Cazador” credit on his kickboxing background, he doesn’t see anything remarkable about his opponent.

“I think that he’s a good Dutch kickboxer, but he’s not special. There’s nothing that stands out about him. He’s very traditional and I’m just ready to fight. I see a win by knockout.”

Combate Americas DIEZ will air live on UFC Fight Night at 9 p.m. ET.

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