Monday, May 16, 2022

Daniel Cormier Will Fight Jon Jones, ‘Even if he is Taking Drugs’

Daniel Cormier has confirmed that he will fight Jon Jones, regardless to the ex-light heavyweight champions hypothethical use of performance enhancing drugs.

Following Jon Jones’ flagging by USADA for failing a pre-fight drug test, he was pulled from the UFC 200 card. Cormier instead fought Anderson Silva in an underwhelming title-less spectacle, leaving Jones with a one year suspension and serious questions over his future in UFC.

Colin Cowherd recently spoke to Cormier, who made a bold claim regarding a potential future fight with Jones. Cormier has stated that Jones’ failed drug test would not have been enough for him to reject a bout with the troubled star after UFC 200, implying that his own career depends on the match.

“Honestly, when that whole thing happened in July, I would have fought him two days later. It doesn’t matter. I just want to fight. I’m there to fight and because of our history and – I’m a competitor and I need to get back that. That means so much to me at my core that I’ve got to get it back. My life and career would not be okay if I had to walk away and not share the octagon again with that man.”

Jones is due to return to the July upon serving his USADA suspension. Cormier says he will fight Jones, even if the latter is taking performance-enhancing drugs.

“I’d fight him… If that was the case before, then the guy that I’m gonna fight the next time is not gonna be the same guy I saw the first time because of USADA and the drug testing that we are under now… But yes, I would fight him [even if he were on PEDs]. It doesn’t matter. The competitor in me and my belief in my coaches and my skill, I have to get that back. I can’t live with it.”

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