Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tyron Woodley: “Fans are Not Racist” but “Have Subconscious Opinions”

Tyron Woodley took part in media relations on Thursday to promote UFC 209, and grasped the opportunity to clarify comments made in previous days.

Woodley spoke with the media in relation to his rematch with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson at UFC 209 on March 4. The welterweight champion expanded on comments he made regarding African-Americans in the UFC  ESPN on Wednesday:


“I think the fans are great, the fans are human, and they can choose. It has nothing to do with sports If someone doesn’t like a person because of their skin color, it doesn’t matter of you fight or deliver mail; they are going to have that opinion.” said Woodley.

“Fans are opinionated, expressively, because we are the only professional sport to give them that access. These people already have these opinions in their mind – they might be positive, might be negative”.

“T-Wood” also sounds off on “key board warriors”, and how he makes inflammatory statements “on purpose” to further his career. The champ attempts to explain his opinions, and why he is adamant at sticking by them. Woodley certainly caused a stir with his comments this week, even going as far as to imply that Conor McGregor enjoys preferential treatment due to his skin color.

You can watch the full clip courtesy of MMA Mania below:

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