Thursday, May 19, 2022

‘Homeless’ Brett Rogers Charged With Sexual Misconduct For Three Incidents

The man who was once known for giving mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Fedor Emelianenko a tough scrap in Strikeforce, is now being charged for sexual misconduct in three separate cases.

Rogers was hit with two counts of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of interfering with someone’s privacy (via Twin Cities). “Da Grimm” is said to be homeless and has been causing disturbances in the downtown St. Paul area where he is located.

Back in November, Rogers groped an employee at the George Latimer Central Library while they were riding the elevator. This is according to a complaint.

Earlier this month, another complaint was made. Rogers was said to have asked a man next to his urinal stall if he wanted to perform sexual acts. When the man declined, Rogers grabbed his rear. The man was able to make a quick exit and contacted police.

While at the Ramsey County Jail, Rogers was involved in another act of sexual misconduct but this time he went even further. With his cellmate sleeping, Rogers was caught fondling him. Out of fear, the victim didn’t notify the guards until he was out of his cell.

Rogers claimed the cellmate was lying, but having already been jailed for the prior offenses things aren’t looking good for the former Strikeforce title challenger.

This isn’t the only time “Da Grimm” has found himself in trouble with the law.

Back in Sept. 2011, Rogers pleaded guilty in his domestic abuse case. He was arrested in June of that year for allegedly choking his wife and repeatedly punching her before she was unconscious.

Rogers’ children tried stopping him, but to no avail. When police arrived at the home, his oldest daughter told them that he would not only beat his wife, but he’d also beat the kids. Rogers received 60 days in jail, three years probation, and a $500 fine.

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