Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller: Domestic Violence Trial Hears of Bizarre Sex and “D*ck Pics”

‘Mayhem‘ Miller has never had trouble living up to his nickname.

MMA’s wildman has a rap sheet as long as his fight record. Arrests for a stand off with a S.W.A.T team, the (nude) thrashing of a church, an assault on his sister and a drunken fight with two women highlight a serious propensity for getting into trouble.

Three years ago Miller, 36, was the subject of felony charges which were filed by an ex-girlfriend. The result of these charges are a domestic violence trial, which began proceedings on Friday.

According to prosecutors, ‘Mayhem’ stands accountable for an assault [on his previous partner] which stretch over.  two separate incidents. ‘Mayhem’ allegedly followed this up by sending threatening messages over social media. Mayhem’s lawyers contest this account as a fabrication resulting from an ex-partner who was unhappy with the result of a threesome Miller was involved in with her.

Miller is best known for his wacky character in the MMA world, but from today will have to contend with the world having explicit knowledge of his sex life following his lawyer’s statement in court:

“Their [Miller and ex-partner] sex life, you’re gonna hear about,” jurors were told. “They exchanged photos, you’re gonna see some pictures, they’re known in the colloquial as ‘dick pics.’ You’re gonna see pictures of Mr. Miller’s penis in this case. They have a provocative sex life, threesomes, other women, sex parties, rough sex, choking, peeing, golden showers, golden showers where someone gets urinated on. They have some of that, that night. Mr. Miller urinates on her in the shower, he pees on here … they do a little of that, they have some fun.”

‘Mayhem’ spoke out in March, alleging that he was the target of a campaign ran by Police and the media who were ‘attempting to turn him into the next War Machine’. The trial continues…


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