Friday, June 25, 2021

Michael Bisping: ‘I’ll Beat The F**k Out of Tyron Woodley’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title holders Michael Bisping and Tyron Woodley are pushing for a super fight. They originally wanted to do a catchweight bout, but welterweight ruler Woodley said he had changed his mind and was eyeing the middleweight title.

Bisping has his own SiriusXM show called The Countdown“The Chosen One” called in and “The Count” had some choice words for his FOX Sports colleague (via

“Don’t believe everything that people say to you, Tyron, because people kiss the ass when you’re a world champion. But I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s all bullsh*t, so don’t believe everything that all your little team, all your little ‘yes men.’ Everything they’re telling you, it ain’t true, because I’ll do to you what f*cking Nate Marquardt did to you and beat the f*ck out of you, buddy.”

Bisping is not one to hold back when talking about his opponents, even if nothing is set in stone. The middleweight champion said his own manager advised him not to fight with “boring” Woodley.

“I just [talked to] my manager. We said we’d do it, and he said, ‘you don’t want that really because no one gives a sh*t about Tyron, because the way he fights is super boring,’ and he said no one really wants it. But screw it, if you want to do it, I’m in. Listen man, 100-percent, I’m down. Just let them know. Tell him, send the text to Dana (White) saying, ‘yo, we were serious about that.’ I’ll do the same thing right now.”

If the fight materializes, it leaves would-be contenders Stephen Thompson and Yoel Romero in the shadows. Let’s not forget about Demian Maia, who recently expressed his disappointment in not being mentioned in the 170-pound title discussion despite being on a six-fight winning streak.