Thursday, December 9, 2021

Quote: Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather ‘Makes Complete Sense’

While the No. 1 and No. 2 ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweights will do battle for the interim title at UFC 209, the reigning champion is entertaining a boxing match. It’s no secret that future boxing Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather and 155-pound title holder Conor McGregor have piqued the interest of the sports world ten times over.

Recently, “Money” claimed he offered “Notorious” $15 million for a boxing bout, while he gets $100 million for being on the “A-side.” McGregor responded by poking fun at Mayweather’s past domestic battery arrest. UFC President Dana White offered both men $25 million to compete.

Mayweather was amused.

While pop culture is salivating over this feud, many boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) pundits are scratching their heads. On the boxing side, many would rather see Mayweather fight a high level boxer like Gennady Golovkin if he returns. On the MMA front, there is resistance because McGregor has yet to defend any UFC title he has won.

Former UFC welterweight Chris Lytle talked about the fantasy match-up with “Lights Out” believes McGregor’s desire to fight Mayweather isn’t unfounded:

“It makes complete sense for Conor McGregor to want to go fight Floyd Mayweather because Floyd doesn’t really knock anybody out. He’s not a hard puncher. He’ll out-jab you a few times and make you go the distance. So it’s a great fight for him. He’d probably make $50 million, maybe $100 million. I don’t know what he’d make, but he’d make a ton of money.”

Lytle also believes the fight benefits Mayweather, who prides himself on perfection.

“I think it’s a smart fight for Floyd because Floyd is all worried about his reputation and this would be a big match-up, a big main guy, and I think he feels like he definitely has the boxing advantage against him. I think it’s a very smart fight for both guys.”

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