Monday, December 5, 2022

Video: Nick Diaz Talks With Snoop Dogg About Smoking Weed With Kimbo Slice

Former UFC title contender Nick Diaz appeared this week on Snoop Dogg’s “GGN News” Podcast on Friday and spoke about his past friendship with late MMA / pop-culture star Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

According to the Stockton native, he and the popular street brawler turned professional MMA star would often hang out and smoke weed together before headlining Strikeforce and EliteXC events in the past.

“We was always hanging out at the Strikeforce events or EliteXC back in the day,” Diaz told the hip-hop/actor during the interview, which was released on iTunes on Friday.

Diaz continued, “We used to smoke blunts [and] we would headline the whole show. It was me and Kimbo Slice.”

As Diaz explained, the promoters at the time, including boxing promoter Gary Shaw and current Bellator MMA President and Strikeforce founder Scott Coker, used a formula to draw at the box office and in terms of delivering solid television ratings.

According to Diaz, that formula relied on two people — he and Kimbo.

“I knew it was the Kimbo Slice show,” said Diaz. “But it was me and the Kimbo Slice show because I was the MMA fighter that was bringing the MMA crowd and he was the streetfighter bringing the street crowd.”

Check out a video preview of Nick Diaz’s appearance on Snoop Dogg’s GGN News Podcast above.