Saturday, January 23, 2021

Todd Grisham Talks Possibility Of Conor McGregor At WrestleMania 33 This Year

WWE announcer turned UFC play-by-play commentator Todd Grisham recently spoke with FOX Sports and during the interview, talked about the possibility of UFC mega-star “The Notorious” Conor McGregor making a special WrestleMania appearance for WWE.

Regarding whether or not he feels McGregor appearing on the big stage in WWE is something that could happen, Grisham stated the following.

“Of course. Why not? Ronda Rousey was there last year or the year before last. We saw Floyd Mayweather fight ‘The Big Show’ at WrestleMania. There’s always those big matches, most of them involving the Undertaker and Triple H and the John Cena’s of the world. But there’s usually that one gimmick match or that one memorable moment that involves an outside celebrity or sports star. I’d love to see Conor McGregor cross over to WWE.”

Additionally, Grisham explained why McGregor’s size and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s preference for showcasing larger athletes may ultimately work against “The Notorious” one being used as well as he could.

“Vince likes the big guys though. He would prefer that Francis N’gannou had the personality that Conor McGregor has because then he could be in the main event against whoever, but with Conor McGregor you’ve got to be a little more selective. But McGregor’s already fed into it saying ‘I’d kill everyone of them, I’d destroy them’ whatever. So he knows what to say, he knows what to do and what he loves most is cash money and Vince McMahon has plenty of it.”

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