Saturday, August 20, 2022

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Latest Post Sets Conor McGregor Straight

Monday’s reports of an agreement in terms on the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor super fight have yet to materialize.

Mayweather released a statement on Tuesday which appeared to dispell rumors of a return to the ring, effectively dampening reports the previous day. Mayweather stated:

“There seems to be several rumors floating around media recently however, let the record show, there hasn’t been any deals made in regards to a fight between myself and any other fighters. I am happily retired and enjoying life at this time. If any changes are to come, be sure that I will be the first to let the world to know”

Observers may be afforded cynicism of the 49-0 former multi-division champion’s words. While the legendary boxer appeared to distance himself from the rumors with the comments above, boxing fans will be aware of the craft Mayweather brings to the negotiations table. For example, prior to his confirmation of his fight with Manny Pacquaio in 2015, Mayweather had dismissed reports of the possibility of any fight happening right up until agreements had been finalised.

Conor McGregor certainly felt as though the timing of Mayweather’s statement (considering it coincided with the UFC lightweight champion’s arrival in Las Vegas) was suspicious. McGregor retorted in typical “Notorious” style, questioning his prospective opponent’s steel, claiming that he [Mayweather] has “retired on my arrival”:

“Money” sent a response which was both abrupt and to the point, stating that McGregor has issues to sort out with the UFC prior to any potential boxing bout happening:

With conflicting reports seemingly a staple of the rumored negotiations, it is almost a certainty that this will not be the last we hear on the matter.

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