Monday, December 5, 2022

Rick Story Explains Pursuing Career as Firefighter, Still Training For Fights

Rick Story isn’t done fighting, but he’s preparing for life outside of the cage.

Many mixed martial arts (MMA) fans and analysts were caught off guard when it was revealed that three ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters were no longer under contract with the promotion. Story was one of those ranked competitors.

“The Horror” had a chance to re-sign with the UFC before his bout with Donald Cerrone back at UFC 202. Story chose not to and suffered a TKO loss.

Since taking the time to heal his two front teeth, Story has been preparing for life as a full time firefighter. The welterweight didn’t want to juggle two things at once, so he felt now was the perfect time to go to school for his new career path.

Story explained to FOX Sports why the timing is right:

“Really my focus is just directed because after my fight with Cerrone I had to get a double root canal on my two front teeth and they still feel a little unsettled so I haven’t even been motivated to get punched in the face. Nobody’s really motivated to get punched in the face, but they’re sensitive so I figured this is a great time to start something else while I can. That way I’m not trying to balance two things at once like training for a fight and trying to stay focused for all the required schooling to get it done.”

Story hasn’t hung up his gloves, but he realizes that fighting is not a long-term venture. He is gearing up for the next chapter of his life.

“Yeah just because fighting’s not going to last forever and I need to get something else started while I can. Firefighting’s a really good career path. I think this is what I need to do for me right now. I’m not cutting off fighting. Once my teeth feel 100-percent, I’ll start training again. It’s not like I’m going cold turkey and then I get a fight and I’ve been out of the game for two years.”