Saturday, December 4, 2021

Former UFC Fighter Paddy Holohan Clears Up SBG Departure

SBG’s Holohan was a coach at the Dublin outfit’s Tallaght branch who departed the outfit last week without a personal explanation as to why.

A “staffing issue” was confirmed to be the reason behind SBG Tallaght’s “Senior Management” announcement on the departure of the former UFC fighter, and in-house coach, Paddy Holohan. “The Hooligan” left his position at the training facility, which had only been in operation since the summer of 2016.

Fellow coach Joey Breslin also left his position and took to Facebook on the same day to address reasons for his exit, although Paddy refrained from doing the same, until recently.

Rumors suggested that the former UFC flyweight had fallen afoul of SBG Ireland founder, and Holohan’s coach John Kavanagh. In an effort to clear things up, the Dubliner took to social media clarify that this was not the case:

“A few things to clear up after this week,” stated holohan “Me and The Coach have and always will be cool.”

“SBG Tallaght was an invested project separate to John Kavanagh’s SBG Ireland gym and he had no decision in me parting.”

“SBG Tallaght Senior Management is an investor. Not John Kavanagh or any other SBG coach or fighter.

“I have no quarrel with SBG.. and my team stand behind me and my decision.”

Holohan also posted a picture later in the say of him and Kavanagh alongside SBG prospect Richie Smullen:

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