Sunday, December 5, 2021

WWE Superstar Paige Considering An MMA Career

On Wednesday, the folks at TMZ Sports released an interesting new video interview with current WWE performer Paige and her boyfriend, former WWE Superstar and Combate Americas executive Alberto Del Rio, a.k.a. Alberto El Patron (Jose Alberto Rodriguez).

As noted, Paige has been recently taking part in some MMA training alongside Del Rio and in the above TMZ video that was released today, the former WWE Divas Champion and Total Divas cast-member sounded off on a potential move to the world of MMA fighting.

“I mean … when my time with WWE comes to an end, at some point then, maybe,” said Paige, when asked by the interviewer if she would ever consider jumping to MMA competition.

Paige continued, expressing her desire to take part in more MMA training sessions, noting the plan is to train every week, which she confirmed with Del Rio in the video.

“I want to start training like every single week,” said Paige, before turning to her boyfriend to say, “Which we’re gonna start doing, right?”

Additionally, Paige noted that Del Rio’s boss, former Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG) executive and UFC co-founder, as well as the founder of Combate Americas — Campbell McClaren — has been actively pursuing her regarding joining the new upstart MMA promotion.

“And Campbell [McClaren], his boss, has been trying to get me to join him,” said Paige.

While Paige was in town with Alberto Del Rio, the two hit an MMA gym and Paige showed off some of her moves.

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