Saturday, May 21, 2022

UFC Fight Night 105: Volkanovski Claims He Will Not Fight

Ten days after UFC officials confirmed that Volkanovski would fight on Sunday’s UFC Fight Night 105 card in Canada, he is no longer part of the event.

Volkanovski recently confirmed that his expected bout against opponent Michel Quinones will no longer go ahead. “Alexander the Great” cited Quinones’ issues with injury, and an inability to find a fit opponent as the reasons for his departure from the card. Quinones’ injury had been reported just last week, and Volkanovski took to social media to confirm both the frustration of not being able to compete, and the gratitude towards the UFC in their (albeit fruitless) efforts in finding him an opponent. The fighter told his Facebook followers:

“Just letting everyone know that despite UFC trying their best and going through 3 opponent changes in a week, I have been forced off the Canadian UFC card due to matters outside anyone’s control. For everyone following my journey, stay tuned because I am sure I will be back in there sooner rather than later and a massive thank you to the UFC for going above and beyond what I expected in looking after me.”

No official statement has been released by UFC officials confirming that the fight will not go ahead. Volkanovski is a recent acquisition to the UFC, having made his first appearance for the promotion in November. His second-round TKO of Yusuke Kasuya at UFC Fight Night 101 in Australia brought his win-streak to a formidable eleven fights. Volkanovski’s opponent [Quinones] was due to make his debut in the UFC.

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