Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Jason “Mayhem” Miller Deep Sixes SmartTV, Thanks CIA

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has drawn more attention for his antics outside of the cage than in it recently, but he has certainly been living up to his name. The most recent example? After the Wikileaks report of the CIA potentially spying on people via their SmartTVs, he decided to give his Samsung set a bath. In his pool.

He even thanked the CIA in the process:

I’d like to thank the cia for their gift of a brand new smart television. thanks a lot!

Miller was last seen at Venator FC 3 last May, where he badly missed weight for what was to be a middleweight title fight. Blowing the limit by 24lbs, he was pulled from the bout and booked against Mattia Schiavolin at a 207lb catchweight instead, and suffered a submission loss. Despite later saying he’d continue fighting at light heavyweight, Miller has yet to return to the cage.

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