Sunday, November 28, 2021

John Gooden Talks Having to Apologize For Fighters Swearing on UFC Fight Pass

When John Gooden apologizes when fighters swear on UFC Fight Pass events, he isn’t doing it because he necessarily wants to.

Gooden, who is an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) play-by-play commentator, apologized multiple times throughout the UFC Fight Night 107 live stream. This occurred whenever the fighters on the card were swearing in their post-fight interviews or in-between rounds.

Unfortunately, Gooden received some flak for addressing the profanity. The reality is, Gooden has to apologize because swear words cannot be bleeped out during Fight Pass events. If Gooden failed to deliver an apology, some broadcast partners would be heavily fined.

Gooden recently appeared on Submission Radio and he said that fans should be filled in on why certain things happen during live streams and broadcasts to an extent:

“I think it’s really important sometimes for the fans to understand what it’s like for maybe referees, judges, other people behind the camera or the mic. Sometimes there are things that go on that others might not (understand). I’ve come from the sport and I know how much people want to understand every single part of the game and who does what, why and why things might change. As long as it doesn’t hurt the UFC or the sport then I’m happy to say, ‘look we have no choice. There’s no delay here, we can’t bleep it.'”

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