Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Luke Bernard Discusses His Car Accident, ‘The Favorite’ & Helping Others With Brain Trauma (Exclusive)

Luke Bernard is sharing his story with the world.

Bernard is still alive despite suffering a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident. Not only did Bernard survive the accident, but he was also able to transform physically and spiritually. That story is told through “The Favorite.”

In a recent interview with MMANews.com, Bernard discussed “The Favorite” and how the brother who thought he had been left out, made the same transformation he did:

“Because of my traumatic brain injury, I couldn’t sleep at night and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t sleep. The hormone melatonin was injured in my brain,¬†which promotes sleep. One night I had a vivid dream about these two brothers and how one was popular (and) everyone loved (him) and the other brother, he felt resented and rejected. So he took out his anger and resentment through fighting. And then in the dream, the brothers are driving and the car accident takes place, which took place with me with all the injuries and recovery.”

Bernard understands that there are people just like him who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, not all of them can have a recovery as successful as his has been. That is why “The Favorite Movie LLC” has gotten involved with the Light Bearer Brain Trauma Fund.

“For me, I was very fortunate and blessed with finances for my recovery and the hospital forgave some of my bills. So I could only imagine how it is for others that don’t have the benefit as I did with people forgiving your bills. So I want to help them out.”

With his time on the set of “The Favorite,” Bernard said he is happy with his experience. While the brain injury hasn’t allowed him to bring back memories of his recovery, he said filming made him realize the efforts he put in before the injury.

“Mostly it’s been positive, but with my traumatic brain injury I don’t remember the three weeks I was in the hospital in ICU. (I don’t remember) the three weeks I was in rehab (or) the seven months I was in LA. But filming has been a very good experience. I think it was Tuesday of this week, we shot three of the arena fights and two of them went the distance. I was fighting in all three, so it was a big deal in order to have the energy through the day for three fights. I just realized that even before (the accident) happened, my training for mixed martial arts and all I did was really prepare before. So I was really happy about that.”