Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Mark Henry Says Edson Barboza Should Get Interim Title Bout With Tony Ferguson

Count head coach Mark Henry as someone who’d like to see Edson Barboza and Tony Ferguson battle in a rematch.

Back in Dec. 2015, Ferugson submitted Barboza in the second round. The bout earned both men “Fight of the Night” bonuses. During the fight, “El Cucuy” had a point taken away due to an illegal upkick.

Henry felt the damage had already been done and that the illegal kick played a role in Barboza being finished in the second stanza. Speaking with Luke Thomas on his SiriusXM radio show, Henry said Barboza should get an interim title bout against Ferguson:

“I believe 100 percent for the simple fact that, that illegal kick on the ground. He was out of it. He doesn’t even remember the fight from that point on. It was such an amazing fight and even getting up if you watch, he was almost falling down trying to get up after that illegal kick. He couldn’t almost get up, he almost fell back on the cage a couple of times. After the fight, he couldn’t remember from that point on. He was out of it and he also wasn’t really responding to what we were saying from that point on. It was an amazing fight, I remember Dana really liking that fight a lot.”

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