Sunday, May 22, 2022

Timothy Johnson Isn’t Overthinking Things Before Bout With Daniel Omielanczuk (Exclusive)

Don’t count on Timothy Johnson to study tape hours on end.

The 14th ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight has a bout with Daniel Omielanczuk set on March 18. The bout takes place as part of a UFC Fight Night event inside the O2 Arena in London, England.

Johnson recently took the time to speak with He broke down what his upcoming opponent likes to do inside the Octagon:

“He likes striking. I don’t think he’s going to want to be in the clinch or (have) a grappling match with me per say. He’s probably prepared for it. He’s got good kicks, actually really good kicks when he wants to use them. So we’re just kinda prepared on his kicks. That’s just kinda something we’ve been working at and we’ll see where the fight takes us. He’s kinda more one-dimensional and it kinda shows. He does have a ground game, he does have submissions, but that’s definitely not his wheelhouse.”

Some fighters like to study tape on their opponent to get a better idea of what they’re dealing with. For Johnson, that simply serves as a burden. The 265-pounder said the less he has to think about what his opponent is doing, the better.

“I’ll watch a couple of his fights just to see how he moves. That’s it. I think I’ve only watched like two of his fights and that’s it. I’ve only watched them once. Just again to see how his movement is and kinda get an idea mentally how he moves. Other than that, you can’t control a fight. You can’t overthink a fight too much. I’ve just gotta let the fight develop and take it where it goes. I think just kinda keep an open mind that way rather than try to keep thinking about what he’s gonna do.”

You can listen to our full interview with Johnson below:

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