Monday, May 16, 2022

Chris Weidman: If People Don’t Want To See Me Fight for the Title, “I’m Not Doing My Job”

Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman enters UFC 210 in Buffalo this Saturday riding a two-fight losing streak. Without a win in nearly two years, you’d think the pressure would be on — but Weidman (13-2), best known as the man who dethroned Anderson Silva, doesn’t see it that way. Speaking to MMAJunkie, Weidman suggested he sees not threats ahead but challenges. And he’s doing his best not to worry about the murky title picture in the division. Said Weidman of the (perceived) pressure,

I don’t take it as a threat. I don’t see it as a threat, I see it as a challenge for me, and challenges are something I’ve been coming up against my whole life. I’m a very competitive person, and this is a huge challenge. I’m very excited to go out there and win this fight.

I think the big picture takes care of itself. I take care of one day at a time, I take care of Mousasi Saturday night, and everything will take care of itself

Of course, just taking care of business in the cage doesn’t always result in a title shot these days. Fighters have been talking their way into bouts for years, but it seems to happen more than ever before lately. On that, Weidman was realistic — about his path to a title, and what little control he has over who the UFC books into championship fights.

I’m not gonna crush you with my words and get people super excited. I don’t think that’s going to happen all the time, but I’m going to put on a performance that’s going to get people excited. They’re going to want to see the guy who’s the best guy in the weight class fight for the division [title].

“As far as the title picture, I can’t control this stuff” Weidman continued. “If people want to see me fight for the title, I’ll fight for the title. If they don’t, I’m not doing my job.”

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