Friday, January 28, 2022

Daniel Cormier Explains What Happened During UFC 210 Weigh-Ins

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier shocked many when he appeared to miss weight for Saturday’s UFC 210 main event vs. Anthony Johnson Friday.

Quickly, though, “DC” rectified the issue, stepping on the official scale and hitting 205 pounds.

But it didn’t come without controversy.

Cormier was able to cut over a pound in just under two minutes, and also appeared to be holding on the towel that was in front of him when he made weight.

“It was crazy, I weighed in upstairs and I was like ‘Man I’m OK, I’m going to do this,'” said Cormier after the ceremonial weigh-ins on FOX Sports 1. “It was harder than normally, but we figured we had it done, the scale was weighing different.”

While the missed initial weigh-in was bad in the public eye, Cormier found out that he had two hours to re-attempt his weigh-in.

“We went in the back and they informed me that the New York state rule is you can actually re-weigh, and if you don’t make it, you have two hours to actually make the weight, so I started feeling pretty confident after that,” Cormier said. “I would have made weight then or made it two hours later. I had a pound when the scale was weighing the way it was weighing, I would have lost a pound in two hours and still made weight.”

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