Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Diego Sanchez to Those Asking For His Retirement: ‘Just Shut Your Mouths’

Diego Sanchez has sent a clear message to his naysayers.

Sanchez is coming off a knockout loss at the hands of Al Iaquinta this past Saturday night (April 22). The “Lionheart” was in search of his second straight victory, but instead was knocked out in the first round.

Many have called for Sanchez’s retirement, but the one-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight title contender has other plans (via Instagram):

“This is a heartfelt message for all the supporters of what I do, but more importantly what I stand for as an athlete, a man, and warrior of the octagon. After evaluating the situation with a clear mind, I have two options. The first is to feel sorry for myself (and) start doubting myself, god and everything that makes me a winner. Thinking negative like many people are the people that are not in my shoes. The people who have no clue and just are so fast to throw out retirement and this and that. You’re not me, so just shut your mouths right now before even saying it, it’s not yours to say! I speak from the heart and do not sugar coat sh*t! So there’s that path, the quitters path. Or there is the Diego path. What being a ‘Lionheart’ is all about, it’s about picking yourself up when you fall, learning how you fell and how to prevent it from happening again.”

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