Saturday, December 4, 2021

Jordan Dowdy: ‘I Feel I Have The Technical Advantage Everywhere’ Against Joel Blair (Exclusive)

Jordan Dowdy is expecting Joel Blair to provide him with a tough challenge.

After going 1-2 in 2016, Dowdy is looking to begin 2017 with a victory. He’ll get a chance to do that at Shamrock FC 287 this Friday night (April 14). He’ll battle Blair inside the Lumiere Place Casino in St. Louis, Missouri.‘s very own Tim Thompson spoke to Dowdy recently. The welterweight admitted that last year things didn’t go the way he planned:

“It sucked, honestly. I worked my ass off and I do for every one of them, but fighting doesn’t care who you are. It really doesn’t give a damn. All it comes down to are the moments. I mean that fight with Kurtz, I like Kyle. We’re on good terms, but nine times out of ten I win that fight. He had a great setup on an armbar. I can’t really do much about that. That’s over with and Vasconcelos, I was getting the better of him in a lot ways. I can’t believe that guy took that many elbows to the dome. I almost submitted a two-time world champion, almost doesn’t matter though, didn’t happen.”

Dowdy is well aware of Blair’s fighting style and doesn’t believe there is a flow to it. On the flip side, he said his upcoming opponent is a tough competitor who isn’t likely to go down without a fight:

“Joel’s got an awkward style, it’s not really anything that makes any sense when you look at it. He’s a tough guy, he loves to fight. He’s gonna bring it, come forward. He’s had fights where he’s been right behind and taken some beatings and then comes out on top and just wears the person down with attrition and pressure. Wherever it goes, I feel comfortable. I feel I have the technical advantage everywhere.”

You can listen to the full interview below:

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