Monday, May 16, 2022

Luke Rockhold on Daniel Cormier Slowing Down: ‘When Have we Seen it?’

Luke Rockhold doesn’t believe Daniel Cormier has lost a step.

Rockhold trains with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title holder over at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA). Recently, Cormier was asked for his response to those who claimed he was slowing down due to age and injures. The champion vehemently brushed those accusations off and reminded his detractors of his dominant victory over Anderson Silva.

In the time spent with Cormier in the gym, Rockhold doesn’t believe Cormier has been negatively impacted by injuries or age. He told Flo Combat that there isn’t any evidence to suggest he won’t go into his title rematch against Anthony Johnson 100 percent healthy:

“When have we seen it? I don’t really think he’s slowed down at all given his performances and what he’s done out there. His reaction time is on-point. I’ve seen him in the gym and he’s the same DC that I’ve seen through the years. I think it’s that wrestling mentality. He knows how to put in that grind and do what you have to do and when it’s fight time, you put anything you have to, any injuries, in the back of your head. But I haven’t seen any signs of him slowing down.”

The rematch between Cormier and Johnson takes place this Saturday night (April 8) inside the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, NY in the main event of UFC 210.

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