Wednesday, September 28, 2022

“Mayhem” Miller Pleads Guilty to Numerous Offences, Gets no Additional Jail Time

Jason “Mayhem” Miller is the original wildman of MMA, but all that is set to change as the former fighter gets his life back on track (according to his attorney).

MMA’s most colorful character has a rap sheet as long as his fight record. Arrests for a stand off with a S.W.A.T team, the (nude) thrashing of a church, an assault on his sister and a drunken fight with two women highlight a serious propensity for getting into trouble.

The former UFC middleweight pleaded guilty to numerous felonies and misdemeanours relating to clashes with law enforcement over the past few years. “Mayhem” was officially sentenced to 100 days in jail and was slapped with three years of probation on multiple charges. Miller was, however, granted double credit for the 50 days which he had already served and dodges any further time in jail.

Miller proclaimed to Orange County Superior Court judge Robert Fitzgerald that he was ready to accept responsibility for his indiscretions, and was prepared to do the time for his ‘stupidity’

“I take responsibility for my stupidity,” Miller said. “You can’t rough up the police with no consequences. I’ll serve my time with my head held high. I’ll straighten up and fly right.”

Miller has two strikes on his police record, which means that chances are running out for the ex-fighter. Last year “Mayhem” was jailed for allegedly vandalizing a tattoo shop. One month prior to this incident, he was arrested on suspicion of DUI. In 2015, police were called to Miller’s house following reports of a disturbance –  Mayhem was alleged to have thrown a ceramic tile at an officer who proceeded to Taser the Californian before arresting him.

Additional lowlights on Miller’s rap sheet include fighting with four police officers following a fracas in a restaurant, the live-tweeting a standoff with police following “alleged stalking” and domestic violence charges against a former girlfriend.

While Prosecutor Mark Geller had expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling, Miller’s attorney, Cameron Talley, was more upbeat for the 39-28-10 fighter:

“The good news for Jason is that his life is back on track,” Talley said. “He’s got his business back, and he’s traveling the world as a commentator.”

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