Friday, January 28, 2022

Alexander Gustafsson Sleeps Glover Teixeira After Five-Round Striking Clinic

In the main event of UFC Fight Night 109 from Stockholm, Sweden, native son and No. 1-ranked UFC light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson meets No. 2-ranked Glover Teixeira in a possible contenders bout for the 205-pound strap.

Round 1:

Glover is pressing forward to open us up and Gus lands a nice leg kick. Glover gets in on the clinch and lets off some bombs but Gus prevails. Teixeira goes in for a takedown attempt and gets it, but Gus shoots right back up. Gus lands a nice couple of right hands and a clean jab.

Gus throws an uppercut but his hands were a bit open and we’re stopped for an eye poke. We’re back underway and Gus lands a nice right hand. Another big uppercut lands for Gus and he moves away quickly after. A stiff right hand connects for Gus, who moves in and lands a quick combo to Glover’s face.

Another good combo lands for Gus and he stuffs a takedown. The round ends with very little action.

Round 2:

Glover comes in looking for a jab but Gus continues to move well. Gus lands a nice elbow that sends Glover backward. Gus is now cut a bit move his eye but continues to deliver nice combinations. Gus runs from Glover’s onslaught but gets caught in the corner.

Gus unloads a vicious combo that lands Teixeira on the mat but the Brazilian recovers quickly. A nice knee lands for Gus inside the clinch and Glover misses a high kick. Gus lands a body kick and Teixeira responds with a big combo.

Glover now gets into a rhythm and is landing some hard shots. The round comes to an end with a few shots form Gus.

Round 3:

Gus opens the round with a hard combo that sends Glover down with his eyes rolled back. Gus gets into Teixeira’s full guard and lands som hard elbows. More hard elbows land for Gus but Teixeira is able to get back to his feet and work a takedown on the Swede against the fence.

Gus has the back of Teixeira but the Brazilian scrambles out of it and we’re back on the feet now. “The Mauler” rips off yet another great combination but there is absolutely no quit in Glover. More combos from Gustafsson land but Teixeira motions for more and rips off some big shots of his own.

The round ends with Gus trying to find his range just outside the pocket.

Round 4:

Gustafsson opens the round with a nice body kick and follows up with a big right hand. Gus lands a nice elbow on the inside and has the back clinch now. Teixeira turns around and Gus now pressures him against the fence.

They separate and Gus lets another great combination go. More heavy shots from Gustafsson and Teixeira nods in approval. The round ends with a nice uppercut from Gustafsson.

Round 5:

Both men hug before the start of the final round. Gus resumes his boxing clinch but eats a few nice shots from Teixeira while trying to move his head. Gustafsson lands another huge combination of shots and Glover finally falls, giving Gus a walk-off knockout win.

Official Result: Alexander Gustafsson def. Glover Teixeira via R5 KO (punch, 1:07)

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