Thursday, May 19, 2022

Angela Magana Goes Off on Cyborg: “You F*cked up, Big Time”

After being punched in the face by Cris Cyborg this past weekend at the UFC‘s Fighter Retreat in Las Vegas, UFC strawweight Angela Magana is planning to pursue legal action.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Magana revealed that she and her lawyer are gearing up to sue Cyborg after the debacle in “Sin City” as she felt assaulted:

“100 percent, (I was assaulted),” Magana said. “I’ve already retained a lawyer. Of course – most definitely (I’m going to sue her). I have medical bills. I’m not going to pay those. … I have another interview on the phone with the (district attorney). I’ve been in talks with him. … They want to press different assault charges, and it will be a felony.”

Many people don’t sympathize with Magana too much, however, seeing as she threw a few personal jabs at Cyborg over social media prior to the event, which inspired the Brazilian’s actions. While Cyborg claims she was a victim of cyberbullying, Magana doesn’t believe her actions are any different from what other fighters do on social media:

“People are accusing me of cyber bullying,” Magana said. “But man, how many fighters would be in trouble for that if that was something that can be said between fighters? You have to have some kind of mental toughness and mental dexterity to be a fighter – especially this day and age with things like Twitter and social media. She gets what she has coming: She’s a cheater.”

Magana then looked directly at the camera and directed her following comments directly at Cyborg:

“You (expletive) up, big time,” Magana said. “You can’t do what you did. Now I’m going to get you as hard as I can get you.”

H/T MMA Junkie for the transcriptions 

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