Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Antonio Tarver on Conor McGregor: ‘How The F*ck is he Going to Beat Floyd Mayweather?’

Antonio Tarver doesn’t see how Conor McGregor can emerge victorious in a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

A multiple time world champion in boxing’s light heavyweight division, Tarver certainly knows a thing or two about the “sweet science.” Tarver has defeated the likes of Roy Jones Jr., Glen Johnson, and Clinton Woods.

During a recent appearance on MMAFighting.com‘s “The MMA Hour,” Tarver explained why he feels McGregor doesn’t stand a chance against Mayweather. “The Magic Man” went as far as to say Nate Diaz would handle “Notorious” in a boxing match:

“Not a chance in hell. Because Conor McGregor can’t beat the top-20 in the division, how the f*ck is he going to beat Floyd Mayweather? Not a f*cking chance in hell (of even a puncher’s chance), because he’s not punching with those four-ounce gloves on. He’s punching with 10-ounce gloves on. Big difference. It’s a money fight. I don’t know if it’s a mockery, but it’s a money fight. That’s what it’s all about. Conor McGregor can’t beat Nate Diaz in a boxing match. In a boxing match, [Diaz] will beat his ass, and there’s a whole lot of other fighters out there who will beat his ass in a boxing match.”

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