Saturday, December 4, 2021

Bojan Velickovic on Finishing Nico Musoke: ‘I’m Really Happy That I Did That’

Bojan Velickovic’s comeback victory over Nico Musoke is one he won’t soon forget.

Musoke looked to be up two rounds when a shot from Velickovic had him on wobbly legs. Velickovic would finish the fight and improve his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) record to 15-4-1. It was “Serbian Steel’s” 12th stoppage win.

After the fight, Velickovic spoke with the media and expressed his excitement in being able to pull off a finish (via

“It was clear when he started dancing and ice skating that it was my job to finish that round and not let it go to the hands of the judges. I’m really happy that I did that.”

As far as his next move goes, “Serbian Steel” hopes to compete on another European card.

“I would like to stay busy. I don’t want a big layover. I would like to fight. I love European cards. I know there is three more cards toward the end of the year – in Poland, in Holland and in Scotland. Any of those cards I would really like to fight on.”

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