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Dave Branch Edges Out Krzysztof Jotko For Split Decision Win

Opening up the UFC 211 pay-per-view (PPV) card tonight (Sat. May 13, 2017) is a middleweight bout between Krzysztof Jotko and Dave Branch.

Round 1:

Branch throws a wild overhand that doesn’t land to open up and Jotko presses forward. Branch throws off more strikes but they’re just out of reach. A nice left-hand lands for Jotko but he gets taken down with a single leg. Branch throws some shots from the top. Jotko tries to wiggle out from under but is unsuccessful.

Jotko is able to scoot himself to the cage and attempt to sit up, but Branch now has the back clinch. Some knees to the back of Jotko’s thigh followed by a knee to the body. Jotko gets a takedown now but Branch is right back up. Jotko lands a knee to Branch’s body and pressures him against the cage.

The first round ends with the pair throwing short shots in the clinch against the cage.

Round 2:

Branch is unable to establish his jab and Jotko comes right in and pressures him against the cage. A nice spinning elbow lands for Jotko after he quickly disengaged from the clinch. A pause is taken after Jotko calls for a low blow but that doesn’t last long. Jotko lands a nice uppercut and hook that momentarily wobbles Branch.

Jotko lands a nice straight left hand and begins to start getting into a rhythm in the striking game before he’s taken down. Jotko quickly pops back up and they resume striking. Jotko lands a nice left hook but Branch responds with a nice body shot and engages in the clinch against the cage again.

The ref breaks it up and urges them to engage. A nice high kick lands for Jotko and he barely misses a wheel kick after that. Branch gets a takedown but against Jotko pops right back up. The round ends with the pair in the clinch.

Round 3:

A few shots land for each man but nothing significant to open the round. Jotko again throws a spinning wheel kick but it’s blocked. Branch goes in on a takedown attempt but it’s stuffed and he eats a few shots as payment.

They’re now clinched up with one another and the Texas crowd pours on the boos. The ref breaks it up and they’re told to resume action. Branch gets the takedown and tries to put on as much ground-and-pound as he can.

Jotko is up now and is working a takedown now but Branch reverses position and has Jotko against the cage. The ref breaks it up and Branch continues to try and clinch as such as possible.

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