Saturday, November 27, 2021

Derrick Lewis on Francis Ngannou: ‘That Guy is Real Ignorant’

Derrick Lewis isn’t fond of Francis Ngannou‘s assessment of his skills.

Back in March, Ngannou said he wasn’t impressed by Lewis. “The Predator” said fighting “The Black Beast” wouldn’t get him closer to a title shot. Lewis recently appeared on “The MMA Hour” and delivered a response to Ngannou’s comments (via

“Francis, that guy is real ignorant, don’t even worry about that guy. I would love to fight him after this fight because he’s been talking a lot of sh*t anyway, like he’s the sh*t. F*ck that guy. I will fight his ass after I fight Mark Hunt. I wanted to fight him before this fight. He’s over there talking about I’m too slow and this and that. I’m going to bang his ass out. He is overyhyped. I’m still prettier than him anyway. Forget that African booty scratcher, ain’t worried about him.”

Lewis will do battle with Mark Hunt inside the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand on June 11. The heavyweight tilt will serve as the main event of UFC Fight Night 110.

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