Monday, May 16, 2022

Jake Shields on Dillon Danis: ‘I Want to go Out There & Try to Break Him’

Jake Shields is hoping to teach Dillon Danis a lesson in respect at Submission Underground 4.

Shields and Danis will get to the grappling this Sunday (May 14) at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon. The contest will be the featured grappling match on the card.

The former Strikeforce middleweight champion said he wants to ensure that Danis knows he’s in for a long night (via Flo Combat):

“I want to go out there and try to break him. I don’t care for him as a person, but Dillon is a very talented grappler. He’s a guy who goes for it. I don’t think he will go out there and stall. He is going to come right at me and I am going to go right at him. It should be a really good match.”

As far as personal issues go, Shields admits that he and Danis have some business to settle.

“The beef is definitely real. I wouldn’t say I hate Dillon. I don’t have animosity towards him but there has been some real beef. It was real when I was throwing things at him and he was throwing things at me, mouthing off. He is really cocky. He’s not a guy you want to lose to. I want to go out there and teach him a lesson and humble him a bit.”

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