Thursday, May 19, 2022

Joanna Jędrzejczyk Thrashes Jessica Andrade For Successful Title Defense

In our co-main event of the evening, reigning women’s strawweight champion Joanna Jędrzejczyk defends her title against the heavy-hitting challenger Jessica Andrade:

Round 1:

Joanna opens up with some leg kicks and Andrade responds with one of her own. A nice right hand lands for Joanna and Andrade responds with a couple of powerful hooks. More leg kicks from Joanna and Some nice knees inside the clinch as well.

Andrade takes down Joanna and is in half guard. Joanna finds her way to her feet and pushes Andrade against the cage and unleashes some elbows. They separate and Joanna lands a nice high kick. A front kick to the body lands for Joanna and she follows up with a nice elbow.

Andrade gets a takedown but Joanna is right back up and lands a head kick and a couple of leg kicks to end the round.

Round 2:

More leg kicks from Joanna to open round two and Andrade tries to come inside with some wild shots but is unsuccessful. A front kick to the chest lands for Joanna now, and she continues to move and evade the power of Andrade.

Joanna uses her reach really well and establishes her jab, mixing in the occasional right hand to the body now and then. Joanna is putting together some beautiful combinations. Andrade gets a takedown but Joanna pops right back up.

The champ jumps up in the air to avoid a low kick and lands a high kick mid-air. A nice kick followed by a knee to ANdrade’s face rocks the challenger, but the round is over.

Round 3:

Andrade catches a kick from Joanna and lands some nice shots. Joanna responds with the exact same move and resumes her attack on Andrade’s legs. A nice 1-2 lands for Joanna as well. More leg kicks from the champion and they begin to take their toll as Andrade slows down.

Joanna evades the attacks of Andrade and lands some nice counter strikes. Andrade continues to limp from the attack on her legs. Andrade continues to put her hand down and swing hard but the champion evades and executes great counter striking.

A high kick lands again for Joanna and the round comes to an end with an Andrade takedown attempt.

Round 4:

Another big high kick lands for Joanna to open up the round. Andrade’s leg continues to take damage from low kicks. Crisp and perfectly timed strikes from Joanna continue to land flush, and she rips off yet another hard high kick to the Brazilian’s head.

Andrade pressures the champ against the cage but eats an elbow in the clinch. Andrade gets down on a takedown attempt now, gets it, but Joanna is right back up. A huge high kick lands for Joanna again and it’s followed by a jumping front kick.

The round ends with another jumping kick for Joanna landing.

Round 5:

Joanna evades Andrade’s attacks to open the fifth round and lands a nice counter right hand. A good couple of jabs land for the champ followed by a front kick to the body. Some big right hands land for Joanna and Andrade comes in for a takedown aginst the cage again.

Andrade begins to land some nice shots now but Joanna maintains her composure and keeps moving. Joanna ducks a hook and gets the back clinch, but simply pushes Andrade against the cage and backs away.

A hard front kick to the body lands for Joanna again, and the round ends with the two throwing shots at one another and Joanna pushing Andrade against the cage to end the fight.

Official Result: Joanna Jędrzejczyk def. Jessica Andrade via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-45)

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