Friday, January 28, 2022

Nordine Taleb Beats UFC Newcomer Oliver Enkamp With Decision Win

Next on the docket for UFC Fight Night 109 from Stockholm, Sweden is a welterweight match-up between Oliver Enkamp and Nordine Taleb:

Round 1:

Taleb is in pursuit to open up the first round but Enkamp looks very comfortable. Enkamp comes inside but eats a nice hook and responds with a high kick. Enkamp fails on a takedown attempt and also throws a spinning head kick that lands nowhere. Taleb throws some leg kicks but has a takedown attempt from Enkamp push him against the cage.

Enkamp gets the takedown but Taleb is right back up. Both men clinch and exchange knees to the body back-and-forth before Taleb takes Enkamp down. Enkamp throws up a leg in attempt for a submission hooks in an armbar attempt. Taleb breaks free and tries to advance position.

The round ends with Enkamp defending on the ground well.

Round 2:

Enkamp eats some big shots early on that wobbles him a bit. He goes in for a takedown attempt but it’s unsuccessful. Enkamp continues to press forward and throw more empty spinning kicks. Enkamp really wants to get the fight to the ground but is continuously stuffed.

Taleb drags Enkamp to the ground, a scramble ensues, and Taleb finds himself in side control. Taleb is able to maintain top position and land some occasional ground-and-pound but Enkamp also defends rather well. The round ends with Taleb on top.

Round 3:

Both men exchange strikes and Enkamp again fails on a takedown attempt. Enkamp has a body kick caught and eats a hard leg kick to the shin. Both men a little tentative in their striking and Enkamp can’t seem to find his range.

Taleb lands a nice left hand and gets a takedown of his own against the cage. Enkamp threatens with a guillotine for a bit but Taleb wiggles out rather quickly. Taleb has side control now but Enkamp is able to recover full guard. Enkamp continues to go for a triangle choke from the bottom but is unable to.

The fight ends with ground-and-pound from Taleb.

Official Result: Nordine Taleb def. Oliver Enkamp via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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