Friday, October 7, 2022

Paul Daley to Michael Page: ‘Don’t Mention my Mom on an International Media Podcast’

Paul Daley doesn’t mind getting personal with Michael Page if it boils down to it.

“Semtex” is coming off a second-round submission loss to Rory MacDonald at Bellator 179. After the bout, Daley charged at Page in the crowd. The two used to be friends, but have had some bad blood brewing the past few months.

Page recently claimed Daley put his own mother under a lot of stress with his actions. Speaking with WHOA TV, Daley warned “Venom” about getting personal (via Bloody Elbow):

“Michael should leave the whole parental thing out of it. If he wants to go there, we are all aware it could end very badly for him if things got public with his whole situation. I’m not going to bring it there. He cannot be held responsible for what people in his family do so I’m not going to go there with it. Don’t mention my mom on an international media podcast. If we really want to do that we can do that. People will hate you a lot more when they find out what stock you’re from.”

Daley said that while his mother went up to Page during the commotion, she wasn’t stressed out over the situation.

“She felt she had to go over to Michael to talk to him personally. Anyone who knows my mom will tell you she is not one to cower in the corner. She didn’t need consoling. If anyone would have needed consoling it would have been Michael Page, because if you think I’m a beast, you haven’t met my mom.”

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