Thursday, May 19, 2022

UFC 211 Preliminary Card Results

We are live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas for the preliminary card of UFC 211 live on FX. You can check out the results from the UFC Fight Pass Exclusive prelims here below:

Cortney Casey def. Jessica Aguilar via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Enrique Barzola def. Gabriel Benitez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Gadzhimurad Antigulov def. Joachim Christensen via R1 submission (rear-naked choke, 2:21)


UFC Prelims on FX:

James Vick vs. Marco Polo Reyes

Round 1:

Each man lands a couple of nice shots before Reyes establishes his leg kick. Vick lands a nice switch kick to the body but Reyes responds with a leg kick. Vick lands a nice straight right hand but eats a left hand on the way inside.

Vick initiates the clinch now but Reyes breaks free and lands some nice crazy hooks, but Vick responds with a beautiful straight right and puts Reyes on the mat. Vick finishes it off on the floor with the ground-and-pound and the ref calls it off.

Official Result: James Vick def. Marco Polo Reyes via R1 KO (2:39)


Chase Sherman vs. Rashad Coulter

Roud 1:

We open up with both men touching gloves and Sherman immediately looks to establish his jab. Sherman throws a nice high kick that is blocked by glove and Coulter lands a nice straight right hand. Sherman lands some nice shots inside the pocket and Coulter starts to back off.

Sherman continues to put together some nice combinations. Coulter’s front leg is visibly hurting from all of Sherman’s leg kicks and Sherman continues to shine on the feet. A big right-hand lands for Coulter but Sherman responds with big shots of his own.

Sherman continues to throw the leg kick but has slowed down after eating those hard shots from Coulter. Another hard right lands for Coulter, but he is showing great effects from the leg kick.Coulter is trying to take Sherman’s head off with overhands because he can’t walk on that front leg.

The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Both men are going right after it and Coulter nearly falls after a few leg kicks. Coulter finally falls down and Sherman takes his back and reigns down ground-and-pound. Coulter makes it to his feet somehow but still has Sherman against him on the cage.

Coulter breaks free and throws the hardest shots he can, but continues to eat huge leg kicks. Coulter lands some huge shots and Sherman is hurt, we have a brawl on our hands. Sherman turns the tables and lands some huge shots on Coulter against the cage, but Coulter comes forward now and is the aggressor.

Both men are out on their feet but continue to show heart. Sherman is landing huge shots to the face, and Coulter falls down and the ref waves it off. What a fight!

Official result: Chase Sherman def. Rashad Coulter via R2 TKO (punch, 3:36)


Chas Skelly vs. Jason Knight

Round 1:

Knight lands a nice combination to open up the first round. Knight follows it up with a nice hook and leg kick but gets clinched up and taken down Skelly. Knight immediately goes to his rubber guard and goes for an omaplata.

Skelly stands up and goes right back and goes back down. Knight scrambles and establishes top control, but Skelly rolls right back on top. Knight gets rubber guard again and another great scramble ensues.

Knight stands up and we’re back on the feet. Skelly lands a nice jab and Jason responds with a nice combo. Skelly now pressures Knight against the cage Knight gets the takedown to end the round.

Round 2:

Knight opens up with a body kick and presses the action. Knight catches a kick from Skelly and hits Skelly with a shot that drops him. Knight allows him to get up and continues to land nice shots. Skelly responds with a kick to the body. Knight begins to land some nice shots on the inside and Skelly doesn’t seem to have an answer for him.

Skelly goes in for a takedown but it’s stuffed and responded with a hook. Another takedown attempt from Skelly but Knight stuffs it and is on top. Knight throws some shots from the top and Skelly stands up and pressured Knight against the cage. Knight throws some elbows, knees to the body.

Skelly goes for a standing guillotine and Knight takes him down and gets side control. Knight is cut open good but manages to get position on Skelly. They stand up and Skelly lands some nice shots to end the round.

Round 3:

Both men hug to open the round and Knight lands a nice right-hand shot that drops Skelly. Knight reigns down with nasty ground and pound, and finally, the fight is called off, although it should’ve been called off a bit earlier.

Official Result: Jason Knight def. Chas Skelly via R2 TKO (punches, 0:39)


Eddie Alvarez vs. Dustin Poirier 

Round 1:

Alvarez presses the action to open the first round and Poirier shoots off a leg and body kick. Alvarez throws a nice high kick and lands a nice hook to Poirier’s chin. Poirier eats a right hook from Poirier and gets knocked back, Alvarez’s takedown attempts continue to get stuffed.

More combos flying off from Alvarez but nothing sticks except a body shot. Poirier lands a nice hook in the middle of a wild exchange and then lands a nice straight left. Body kick from Poirier lands and it’s followed by a leg kick. Both men begin to land nice shots but Poirier continues to push forward.

The round ends with a high kick from Alvarez.

Round 2:

Eddie throws some big shots to open the round and goes in on a takedown. Poirier locks in a guillotine but Eddie pops out and eats some elbows. They break up and Poirier lets off some jabs. A nice straight left and body kick lands for Poirier and Alvarez responds with a high kick.

Another body kick lands for Poirier and both men eat shots to the chin. Poirier then lands a plethora of hard shots and Alvarez is on wobble street. Poirier continues to pour on the damage, but Alvarez then stuns Poirier right back. Both men are wobbled and are going to war.

Poirier tries for the standing guillotine again but Alvarez pops out. Alvarez gets the takedown and now goes for the guillotine. Alvarez throws what looks like an illegal knee and the action is stopped. Doctors now attend to “The Diamond.”

Herb Dean waves off the fight.

Official Result: No Contest

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