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UFC Fight Night 109 Live Preliminary Card Results

The UFC returns to Stockholm, Sweden tonight (Sun. May 28, 2017) from the Ericsson Globe Arena. The evening’s main event featured a clash between top-ranked UFC light heavyweight contenders, and former title challengers, Alexander Gustafsson and Glover Teixeria.

Before we get to the action on the main card, however, here are the live preliminary card results from the event:

UFC Fight Pass Exclusive Prelims Results:

Darren Till def. Jessin Ayari via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Damir Hadzovic def. Marcin Held via R3 KO (knee, 0:03)

UFC Fight Night 109 Preliminary Card on FS1:

Nico Musoke vs. Bojan Velickovic

Round 1:

Musoke gets the fight to the ground early and pressures Bojan against the cage as he sits on the ground. Musoke begins to land some hard shots on Bojan as he stands up. Back to striking now Bojan lands a nice couple of shots.

Musoke throws up a head kick that’s blocked and Bojan responds with a missed leg kick attempt. Musoke catches a kick from Bojan and gets in on a single-leg attempt. He pressures Bojan against the cage, who’s responding withs some headshots before getting separation.

Both men simultaneously land jabs before Musoke follows up with a nice right hand and body kick. Bojan goes in on a failed takedown attempt to end the round.

Round 2:

Musoke lands a nice high kick to open the round and continues to keep Bojan and bay with his jab. A nice uppercut from Musoke lands and he continue to press forward with nice shots.

More counter strikes continue to land for Musoke who is circling around the Octagon but gets taken down by Bojan. He is able to get back up and catches a body kick from Bojan and gets a quick takedown of his own. Bojan gets back up but is still pressured against the cage.

Musoke throws some nice knees to the body before eating a left hand from Bojan to break them up and end the round.

Round 3:

The third round opens with both men looking to be the aggressors in the striking department. Musoke lands a beautiful right high kick to Bojan’s face. Musoke makes his way inside and shoots in on a takedown, Bojan responds with a guillotine attempt, but Mousoke scrambles out.

Now Musoke has Bojan against the cage again. They break up and Musoke lands a nice right hand, and Bojan responds with a clean left. Both men begin to get a little tentative with their shot selections as we wind down in the final round.

Bojan lands a big shot that absolutely wobbles Musoke and makes him dance. Bojan pounces on him and sends him to the mat with some ground-and-pound, and the ref has seen enough.

Official result: Bojan Velickovic def. Nico Musoke via R1 TKO (punches, 4:37)

Reza Madadi vs. Joaquim Silva

Round 1:

Silva looks to throw some heavy shots but is taken down by Madadi. He gets right back up but is taken right back down. Madadi works from half guard but is looking to pass. Silva establishes full guard and attempts to hook Madadi’s neck but fails.

Madadi attempts to throw as much ground-and-pound as he can but is being held close by Silva. Madadi throws some hard shots to Silva’s body as Silva grips him close to his chest. Madadi is able to just break the grip and attempts to stack Silva, who responds with a triangle attempt that is brushed off quickly.

Back in full guard now and Madadi is able to posture a bit before stacking yet again and moving to half guard. The round comes to an end with Madadi dropping shots from half guard.

Round 2:

A big overhand right from Madadi opens the round and seems to rock Silva a bit, who eats another shot that has the crowd whooing. Silva seems to regain himself, only to be taken down from Madadi. Silva is right back up, however, and pressures Madadi against the cage with his striking.

Silva has Madadi against the cage now and lands a few nice body shots before having Madadi turn him around and land a nice right hand. Silva lands a nice high kick that seems to rock Madadi a bit and gets him backing up. He follows up with a body kick and some strikes. Madadi responds with a spinning elbow that backs Silva up momentarily but is pressured back against the cage again.

Madadi fails on a takedown attempt but lands a nice knee to Silva’s body. Silva blitzes in now and lands a few strikes but Madadi gets out of the corner. Madadi catches Silva with a few nice shots of his own before he’s pressured against the cage. A couple of high kick attempts from Silva are blocked and the round ends with a failed flying knee attempt from Silva.

Round 3: 

Silva comes out hard and immediately puts the pressure on Madadi, who is backed up against the cage but continues to circle. Madadi gets a much-needed takedown but Silva seems to have the guillotine grip locked on. He stands and pulls guard but Madadi slips out and regains the top position in side control.

Silva is up now and sprawls to avoid another takedown attempt while against the cage, but Madadi powers through and slams him down. Silva gets full guard and Madadi attempts to go to work with the ground-and-pound. A scramble ensues and the pair stand. Silva brings the pressure once again and Madadi gets a failed takedown attempt.

After a scramble, Silva takes the back and locks in the body triangle. Madadi shakes him off and is in on a takedown attempt now. He gets the takedown but Silva finds himself in top position, who pours on the ground-and-pound. Silva lays on Madadi from half gaurd before standing up and locking in a standing guillotine. Madadi breaks free and gets a takedown, but Silva lands in top position again.

The fight comes to an end with Silva throwing ground-and-pound from the top.

Official Result: Joaquim Silva def. Reza Madadi via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Trevor Smith vs. Chris Camozzi

Round 1:

Smith starts things off with a leg kick and follows up with a takedown. Smith works from Camozzi’s full guard now, but the action comes to a momentary stalemate when Camozzi grabs Smith’s arm and threatens the Oma Plata. Smith breaks from and gets on Camozzi’s back and makes him pay with some ground-and-pound.

Both men stand and Camozzi lands some nice knees to the body. Smith throws some knees to Cammozi’s thigh and they continue to exchange knees while Smith continues to pressure Cammozi against the cage. Cammozi gets the Muay Thai clinch and throws some good knees but Smith is able to get Cammozi pressured back against the cage again.

Smith gets the takedown again and works from Cammozi’s full guard. Smith gets side control and Cammozi turns his back and gets back into half guard. The round ends with Smith throwing shots to Cammozi’s body and elbows to his head.

Round 2:

Smith is able to trip up Cammozi early on and takes him down against the cage in a sitting position. Smith throws shots to Cammozi’s body as the crowd begins to grow restless and reign down boos. Smith continues to try and better his top position and ends up in Cammozi’s full guard.

Smith postures up and throws a few shots down to Smith’s face. A cut above the left eye of Camozzi opens up after a shot from Smith lands. Smith advances to side control and continues his ground-and-pound assault. Now Cammozi is busted open and he is bleeding profusely. Smith takes the back and the round ends with him continuing to ground-and-pound Cammozi.

Round 3:

Smith continues to put on a grappling clinic and pressures Camozzi against the cage. Smith drives down for the takedown and advances to half guard. Smith just lays on Camozzi and continues to pressure down on Camozzi from the top while mixing in the occasional shot or two.

Smith advances into full mount and postures up a bit to throw down some hard elbows to Camozzi’s face. Camozzi scrambles around and is able to regain full guard. Smith stacks Camozzi and ends the round with some ground-and-pound from half guard.

Official Result: Trevor Smith def. Chris Camozzi via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)

Pedro Munhoz vs. Damian Stasiak

Round 1:

Munhoz presses the action with leg kicks to open the round and lands a nice high kick. Stasiak struggles to find his range while Munhoz shows off a nice kicking game, mixing in leg and body shots. Stasiak goes in on a takedown but Munhoz gets the guillotine grip, forcing Stasiak to scramble out and stand up.

A spinning body kick lands for Munhoz, who follows it up with a nice overhand right and knee to the face. Stasiak gets off some nice offense in the clinch, landing a nice couple of knees to Munhoz’s body. Stasiak throws a spinning back kick that is just blocked.

Stasiak lands a nice uppercut and the round ends with a few nice right hands and a takedown from Stasiak.

Round 2:

Munhoz opens the round with a nice, stiff jab to Stasiak. Stasiak really likes to throw that spinning back kick to the body, but it has yet to land flush. Munhoz lands a flying knee to the body and eats a stiff uppercut after.

Munhoz stuffs a takedown attempt and rolls to take Stasiak’s back. Stasiak eats a big left hand as he separates from Munhoz. Munhoz throws a couple of leg kicks but eats right-hand counters from Stasiak each time. Stasiak lands a front kick to the body and stuffs a takedown attempt from Munhoz.

Stasiak throws and lands an uppercut on Munhoz, who was coming in on a takedown. The round ends with a spinning back kick to the head landing from Stasiak.

Round 3:

Munhoz opens the round with a takedown attempt but it’s stuffed. Munhoz lands some nice shots on his way inside and goes for another standing guillotine attempt but it’s shrugged off. Munhoz gets Stasiak down and is in his full guard.

The ref stands them up after a lack of activity and Munhoz lands some big knees to Stasiak’s forehead in the clinch. Munhoz lands some big hooks and eats a spinning body kick after. A stiff jab lands for Munhoz, who continues to attack Stasiak’s leg which buckles. Another guillotine attempt drags Stasiak to the ground and Munhoz takes the back.

Munhoz now picks Stasiak down and suplex’s him back down. Stasiak can’t seem to get up as he is continuously slammed back down. Munhoz continues to take Stasiak to suplex city until he finally is able to break free. Both men then decide to slug it out to end the fight.

Official Result: Pedro Munhoz def. Damian Stasiak via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

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