Monday, December 6, 2021

Valerie Letourneau: ‘I Cannot be Mad at The UFC For Doing The Right Thing’

Valerie Letourneau is happy that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has finally added a women’s flyweight division.

Letourneau is now a member of the Bellator roster, but for her it’s better now than never for the UFC. Speaking with, Letourneau said she can’t be upset with the UFC for pulling the trigger:

“To me, I cannot be mad at the UFC for doing the right thing. This is what they have to do. I just want to see my sport grow and it’s always been a big motivation to me, even when I was younger, to see that I’m opening doors. Win or lose, I feel that things are moving forward, so I like to see that. I’m not super old, but I’m getting older.”

If Letourneau stuck around with the UFC, she says she can’t picture herself in “The Ultimate Fighter” house.

“So, to me, I’m not looking for the next ten years. I like to see this for these girls that are in their 20s and need to be known and doors are opening for them, I like that. (‘TUF’) is not attractive for me right now. I’m not seeing myself in that house. I wouldn’t, even if I could, try to get in this house.”

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