Brent Primus Says he Saw Michael Chandler Break at Bellator NYC

Brent Primus is well aware of the backlash over his title win over Michael Chandler at Bellator NYC.

Primus defeated Chandler when the former championship’s ankle gave out on him. After trying to defend a leg kick, Chandler’s ankle rolled and he couldn’t realistically continue fighting at a competitive level. While Chandler may disagree, referee Todd Anderson called a halt to the bout.

While the new lightweight title holder insists that he contributed to Chandler’s injury, many fans aren’t buying it. Primus told that he saw Chandler’s will crumble:

“I tried telling people that my leg kicks hurt him. Just the first one hurt him. His leg was already messed up before he rolled his ankle. And everybody just didn’t believe me at all. But I knew that deep down. I could see it in his eyes. I literally saw the will – I just saw him break.

The champion went on to say that he didn’t even want to recognize himself as the champion due to the amount of flak he got.

“As soon as that happened. I think he didn’t know what was going on either. He was worried, I think. Man, it was hard for me to – it’s just weird, man. I look at the belt right now, right by me. And I didn’t even want to put it on, because I just felt like everybody thought I didn’t deserve it.”