Brent Primus Says He’s Visualized Michael Chandler Fight a Thousand Times

Brent Primus is confident that he will become the Bellator lightweight champion this Saturday night (June 24).

Primus challenges Michael Chandler inside Madison Square Garden in New York City. The title bout will be featured on the Bellator NYC card.

Speaking with, Primus said he’s played out the title fight countless times and it always ends in victory:

“Every single night I go to bed, I’ve fought Chandler… I’ve fought him a thousand times already in my head. Every single time I go to bed, I see ways of me finishing him. I really feel I can finish Chandler on the feet. Coach Oyama and I are working on really good stuff on the feet. I really think I’m gonna drop him on the feet and finish on the ground. If he wants to wrestle me and try to take me down, I think I can catch him, for sure. I’ve been working with Fabiano Scherner and I can definitely finish Chandler on the ground.”

He went on to say that Chandler is in for a rude awakening.

“I drive up every week to go train at Gracie Barra Portland to go train with Fabiano Scherner. The training is awesome, man. Right now I’m in Irvine, Calif., training at Team Oyama, and it’s awesome. It’s unbelievable. I’m going there and sticking to the game plan, and I really think Chandler is gonna have a rough night.”

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