Chael Sonnen on Tito Ortiz: ‘He’s a Drug Addict’

Chael Sonnen is digging at Tito Ortiz and is pulling no punches in the process.

Sonnen got back in the win column last night (June 24) with a unanimous decision win over Wanderlei Silva. “The Axe Murderer” had no answer for the takedowns of Sonnen and his success on the feet wasn’t enough.

In a post-fight interview with, Sonnen took exception to Tito Ortiz’s taunts at him throughout the bout (via Bloody Elbow):

“He gives me the bird, he’s flipping me off. And then he starts yelling — profanity for one, which is a little low brow to use profanity in any environment. He’s yelling profanity at me: ‘you’re gonna get your ass kicked’. ‘Tito, right now?! I’m in the ring, man. I’ve known you twenty years.'”

He then dug a little deeper and said Ortiz has an obsession with durgs.

“‘Tito, I’m a rough guy, man. I will come over there and whip your ass in that little fake suit you got.’ I mean, he’s probably drunk and on drugs. The guy’s a drug addict. He’s a total scumbag. I’d whip his ass any time he wants to do it.”