Chael Sonnen on Wanderlei Silva’s Shove: ‘I Can’t Believe I Keep Falling For it’

Chael Sonnen has been fooled once again.

The final Bellator NYC press conference took place yesterday and things got heated. Wanderlei Silva shoved Sonnen and Bellator President Scott Coker was in the middle of the altercation.

Sonnen is used to getting physical with “The Axe Murderer.” On “The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3,” the two got into a scuffle which saw Sonnen score a takedown and Silva throw an elbow. They’ll finally do battle tomorrow night (June 24).

Speaking to, Sonnen said he’s been duped into thinking Silva wouldn’t lay hands on him before the actual fight occurs:

“I can’t believe I keep falling for it. Every time I let that guy get within arms reach, he does something. I won’t make like today was some big deal. So he touched me? But it could have been a punch; it could have been a kick. I don’t know why that guy has to get so handsy all the time. Even when we were coming across the stage, I put my hand out and said, ‘Just stop right there; they can take the photo from there. Let’s just stay apart for a little bit.’”

Sonnen went on to say that he believes Silva’s antics are done to try to put a halt to the fight.

“My biggest thing with it is, I don’t want this fight called off. I don’t want it canceled for any reason. I had Anderson Silva pull some stuff at a weigh-in one time (before UFC 148), and I knew it was because he didn’t want to do the fight. He was trying to get me to attack him so he could go to the hospital and play up an injury. I’m not falling for any of this stuff. If I have to take some pushes from Wanderlei Silva or whatever it is, this fight is going to happen.”

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