Sunday, January 16, 2022

Chael Sonnen to Bellator Officials: Keep Myself & Wanderlei Silva Apart

Chael Sonnen is advising Bellator officials to keep himself and Wanderlei Silva separated before Bellator NYC.

Sonnen and Silva will finally go one-on-one inside Madison Square Garden in New York City on June 24. It’s a match-up years in the making and both men still don’t have any love lost.

Speaking with, Sonnen said the dislike between himself and Silva is anything but fabricated:

“This isn’t some kind of bravado or, ‘Oh, let’s go get our licenses pulled and ruin this big fight.’ But keep us apart. There’s a reason we can’t be in the same room.”

As far as bringing Silva to press conferences, Sonnen doesn’t understand why Bellator would want to do so.

“He mumbles, and he grunts, and he snorts. I have no idea why they’d bring him out. Respectfully, but I have no idea why they’d bring him out.”

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