Charles Oliveira Sets Sights on Breaking UFC Records

Charles Oliveira isn’t satisfied with being a statistic as he wants to make history.

For “do Bronx,” ending his mixed martial arts (MMA) career with a legacy is of great importance. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight was recently interviewed by A.G. Fight. He talked about his desire to break records (via Flo Combat):

“I’ve always wanted to be in the UFC, along with the best, and I think some of my finishes, like the calf slicer (against Eric Wisely in 2012), had never been seen in the MMA world. I already have that record there. [There’s] a lot of firewood to burn in the UFC, I’m next to big names like Demian Maia and Nate Diaz, so for sure I want to beat that record and keep finishing more people inside the cage to be able to grow even more.”

A few more bonuses along the way certainly wouldn’t hurt Oliveira.

“I’m looking forward to breaking records, right? These guys have been in the UFC since long before I came, they are guys who are soon to retire. They are already at a certain age, so I sure have those goals of winning more and more, earning bonuses and breaking records.”

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